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The dispenser is contactless and will spray alcohol based hand rub sanitizer for sanitization of hands while entering buildings like Hospitals, Office complexes, Malls etc. This is a mist based dispenser, to optimize the consumption of sanitizer. Whereas in normal usage, we use 20-30 ml of sanitizer for one operation, this sanitizer does the same job by dispensing just 5-6ml of sanitizer in mist form over a longer period of time. The drawings and the pictures are enclosed at Appendix-1

One fill of 5 Liters can deliver 840 times. 5-6 ml per spray

One Year Warranty

The specification of the unit is mentioned below:

i) Sanitizer capacity of the unit: 5L

ii) Mode of operation: Automatic Mist mode

iii) Usage: Contactless

iv) Weight : 5 kg (without sanitizer)

v) Dimensions: 45 cm (H) X 30 cm (W) X 22cm (D)

vi) Electrical Input - 230V AC, 5 Amp

vii) Power Consumption: a) Idle Mode - < 3VA b) When Spraying - 25VA approx.

viii) Mounting Style - Wall mount