About us

Your Preferred Partner in Kerala for Healthcare Products & Services

We offers robust technology-powered platform to enable a seamless flow of healthcare products and services in Kerala. During difficult phases of life, you or your loved one gets healthcare products & services more accessible and affordable now. We are ready to expand our horizons.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision : Accessible and affordable healthcare products & services for everyone.

Mission : Wherever we operate, to be the preferred and trusted choice for quality healthcare products & services; using technology and the latest medical advances to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations.


  • Respect & Compassion for our customers
  • Teamwork with our staff and partners
  • Responsible corporate citizenship
  • Integrity: We do the right thing with transparency and full disclosure

Kerala health mart Badiadka- Online stores for all Healthcare products, surgical items,medical devices,hospital furnitures, Healthy food and Nutritions, Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine & Products etc across Kerala. Kerala health mart Badiadka is the suthorized dealer of Dyna, Philips, Karma etc and distributors or suppliers of Oxygen Concentrator, Cylinder,Flow Meter, C-Pap, Bi-PAP,Mask, Walking Aids, Walker, Wheel chair, Elbow Crutches, Tripod, Quadripod, Adult Diaper, Under pad, Wet wipes, Napkin, Baby Diaper,Surgical Instruments, Tray, Kidney Tray, Bin, Nebulizer, vaporizer, Glucometer, glucose strip, Air Bed, Water Bed, Hot Water Bag, BP Monitors, ECG Machines, Sterilizer, Autoclave, Needle burner, LED Light, Gloves - Exam/Surgical, Cotton, Face Mask, Nurse Cap, Stethescope, Therom / Pulse meter, Weighing Machine, etc at best price for wholesale and retail customer in Badiadka .