Electric Wheelchair Evox 108

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Evox WC-108 Alluminium frame light weight Electric Wheelchair Foldable Detachable Footrest with Elegant Small Rear Wheels and Easy Removable Battery Box (Model-WC-108)

About this item

  • Material: This Evox reclining wheelchair is made by excellent quality of Steel with liquid painting which makes it durable and compatible foldable wheel chair. Material of this chair which is safe dry finishing process that uses finely ground particles to create a protective finish. The framework is sturdy, which gives more strength. Powder coating adds to the steel’s durability, helping the frame to withstand damages better and last longer.
  • Adjustable: Highly adjustable or individually modified wheelchairs are designed for long-term users with special postural needs. This reclining wheelchairs has additional components added to help support the user. This reclining wheelchair is going to be very beneficial and help you to increase productivity in your life.
  • Features: The ability to adjust or customize a wheelchair to meet the user’s physical needs. This Wheelchairs designed for temporary uses (example to be used in a hospital to move patients from one ward to another) are not designed to provide the user with a close fit, postural support or pressure relief, while for long-term users, a wheelchair must fit well and provide good postural support and pressure relief.
  • Easy to Control: A controller can be used on both left as well as right sides. Back support gives extra safety. Flip up armrest makes it easy for sitting and getting up from the chair. The cushions are made for extra comfort. Footrests are adjustable. The backrest can be folded.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Purpose: This wheelchair could be used both indoors and outdoors. Users need to be able to get in and out of the wheelchair easily, to propel it efficiently and to repair it. Reclining Wheelchair that is functional, comfortable and can be propelled efficiently can result in increased levels of activity. Independent mobility and increased physical function can reduce dependence on others.

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