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Features of Hawalker Preventive Diabetic Footwear

·Insoles made of 10mm Micro Cellular Rubber (MCR) / Micro Cellular Polymer (MCP) & PU Foam with       Shore hardness of 10 to 18.

·Padded upper straps with no metal parts and rounded edges to avoid cuts and bruises due to abrasion.

·Rigid bottom sole made of rubber and airmax  PVC for sturdiness.

·Designed to have forward thrust , So that it is easy to remove the footwear.

·Designed to have adequate clearance ( Back counter with adjustable Velcro, front upper strap with adjustable Velcro ) for accommodating fluctuating foot volumes due to edema.

·Inner lining of upper strap is made out of non-alergic material to avoid infections and allergies.

·Designed under the guidance of a podiatrist.