Adult diaper pants pull up small/medium 10s packet S/M



Quantity      10s Packet

Price  310

Finedays Adult diaper Pants / Pull up

Our most selling product, Finedays Diaper Pants, are engineered to give users up to 15 hours of dry from urine leakage and wetness. Designed like pull-up pants, these combine the convenience of underpants with the effectiveness of diapers.

  • Finedays Diaper Pull Ups are filled with high-quality wood pulp and super absorbent polymer (SAP), and can absorb leakage of over 1.5L.  Our SAP, which is capable of soaking in liquid up to a thousand times its mass.
  • Finedays diaper overnight style is also anti-odour, anti-bacteria and free of chemicals. This ensures 100% skin protection from itching, irritation and diaper rashes.
  • Before buying a product make sure you have chosen the correct size, such as Finedays Diaper pants Large/XL size or Finedays Diaper Pants Medium/Small, since an incorrect fit may cause discomfort or leakage.
  • Unisex, Price is inclusive of all Taxes.